ATD Bookkeeping

Phone: 01332 369 219

Mobile: 07795 444 900


ICB Certified Bookkeeper

Practice Number 4238

Our services

What do our clients need?

Our clients need a service that provides them with personnel who are capable of performing the task asked of them.

Services we provide

Having worked in a company where Client confidentiality is paramount we offer to all clients:

We at present supply our services to a number of industries in the following sectors:

Our Ongoing Mission

ATD Bookkeeping Services strives to remain dynamic in the way it conducts its procedures with particular reference to:

The client’s specific requirements;
Advances in technology;

We are acutely aware not only of our role in providing a thorough and efficient service to our clients but also in ensuring that, as an agent of our client, our recruitment procedures are objective, driven by the inherent requirements of the job, and non-discriminatory.